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In Person Services Sunday at 10:30 am

Online Services Sunday at 10:30 am

Hello Church Family!

We are so excited to announce the reopening of our church on Sunday June 6th.  It will look a little different...not only from the Covid 19 restrictions, but because of all the work that transpired over the past few months. 


For service, we will adhere to the recommendations of state leadership.  What does that look like?  Social distancing, masks, frequent disinfecting, and so on.  Nothing more than we have all been doing the past few months.


What are the other changes at the church?  We encourage you to come see for yourself!  We have been unbelievably blessed, and cannot wait for you to experience everything!


So come join us!  We are excited to welcome you back home!  

Pastor Will 

Lets do life together! 
WE WILL be having our Ladies and Mens Lifegroup the first and third Saturday of every month. How can we while we are socially distancing you say? Because technology!
It is simple.  Call the number below at 9:00 am! We will have normal groups with one slight adjustment just over the phone! Follow the prompt when you dial in, and we will look forward to chatting.

Ladies Lifegroup Call:  351-888-7574

Men's Lifegroup Call:  508-924-1017

Our Lifegroups run from 9:00 am to 10:30 am.  We take pride in having our groups be impactful and uplifting, so join us the first and third Saturday of every month.



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