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Welcome to our weekly Worship Service page.  Come see us each week to hear a live
recording of our Sunday morning worship service on MP3.  Listen online or download the file
to your desktop to listen to later.  There are also various archived services that can also be downloaded!

We know you will be blessed by the Word of God that comes
forth each week here at Idledale Church.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.
Psalm 119:105

Service Recorded on August 11, 2019 10:30a.m.
at Idledale Church. 
The sermon title is:  "The Book of 1 John - pt.7"


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2019 Archives:

    Things Jesus Never Said Pt3 - You Won't Have Bad Days (Pastor Willl) 051219.mp3
    Things Jesus Never Said Pt2 - Go Do What Makes You Happy (Pastor Will) 050519.mp3
  Things Jesus Never Said Pt1 - You Don't Need to Forgive Them (Pastor Will) 042819.mp3
    Easter 2019 (Pastor Will) 042119.mp3
    Perspectives (Pastor Will) 041419.mp3
  The Book of 1 John pt7 (Pastor Will) 081119.mp3 Selfless Pt4 - Grateful in the Grind (Pastor Will) 040719.mp3
  The Book of 1 John pt6 (Pastor Will) 080419.mp3 Selfless Pt3 - Extravagant in Generosity (Pastor Will) 033119.mp3
  The Book of 1 John pt5 (Pastor Will) 072819.mp3 Selfless Pt2 - Faithful in Service (Pastor Will) 032419.mp3
  The Book of 1 John pt4 (Pastor Will) 072119.mp3 Selfless Pt1 - Bold in Witness (Pastor Will) 031719.mp3
  The Book of 1 John pt3 (Pastor Will) 071419.mp3 Covenant Confidence (Pastor Mary) 031019.mp3
  The Book of 1 John pt2 (Pastor Will) 070719.mp3 Shake Off The Dust (Ben Borger) 022419.mp3
  The Book of 1 John - pt1 (Pastor Will) 063019.mp3 What is Your Season (Lori Storrs) 021719.mp3
  Mission Israel (Pastor Will) 062319.mp3 Empowering The Poor (Pastor Isaac Olivarez) 021019.mp3
  How to Talk to Your Father (Pastor Will) 061619.mp3 Bob's Gaskin's Celebration of Life Service 020919.mp3
  Under The Influence (Jon Strotz) 060919.mp3 His Hands His Feet (Dave Butler) 020319.mp3
  Spiritually Fit (Jon Strotz) 060219.mp3 Laced with Grace and Glory (Melissa Hardwick) 012719.mp3
  What If? (Pastor Will) 052619.mp3 Lower Your Expectations (Rey Chavarria) 012019.mp3
  Things Jesus Never Said Pt4 - You Get What You Deserve (Pastor Will) 051919.mp3 Walk Away (Pastor Paul Church) 010619.mp3

2018 Archives:

  Twisted Pt3- Plans to Prosper (Pastor Will) 091618.mp3 Prayer Series Pt2 - Why didn't God answer my prayer (Pastor Will) 051318.mp3
  Twisted Pt2 - Do Not Judge (Pastor Will) 090918.mp3 Prayer Series Pt1 - Getting to know God through Prayer (Pastor Will) 050618.mp3
Twisted Pt1 - Ask Anything (Pastor Will) 090218.mp3 Christian Atheist Series Pt4 - I believe in God but don't fully trust Him (Pastor Will) 042918.mp3
. What Would Jesus Undo Pt4 - Hypocrisy (Pastor Will) 082618.mp3 Christian Atheist Series Pt3 - I believe but don't want to go overboard (Pastor Will) 042218.mp3
We The Church (Pastor Will) 123018.mp3 What Would Jesus Undo Pt3 - Spiritual Pride (Pastor Will) 081918.mp3 Christian Atheist Pt2 - I Believe in God but I don't Fear Him (Pastor Will) 041518.mp3
God With Us Pt4 - Always (Pastor Will) 122318.mp3 What Would Jesus Undo Pt2 - Hollow Worship (Pastor Will) 081218.mp3 Christian Atheist Series Pt1 - I believe in God but I don't know Him (Pastor Will) 040818.mp3
God With Us Pt3 - In The Storm (Pastor Will) 121618.mp3 What Would Jesus Undo Pt1 - Indifference (Pastor Will) 080518.mp3 Easter 2018 - Consider Jesus (Pastor Will) 040118.mp3
God With Us Pt2 - In The Wilderness (Pastor Will) 120918.mp3 Higher Calling 072918 (Pastor Will).mp3 Love Like Jesus Series Pt3 - Breaks Bread (Pastor Will) 032518.mp3
God With Us Pt1 - In The Valley (Pastor Will) 120218.mp3 When Pigs Fly Pt4 - Miracles of Provision (Pastor Will) 072218.mp3 Love Like Jesus Series Pt2 - Washes Feet (Pastor Will) 031818.mp3
I Deserve It Pt3 - I Deserve Rejection but He Gave me Acceptance (Pastor Will) 112518.mp3 When Pigs Fly Pt3 - Miracles of Protection (Pastor Will) 071518.mp3 Love Like Jesus Series Pt1 - Forgives Sinners (Pastor Will) 031118.mp3
I Deserve It Pt2 - I Deserve Condemnation but He Gave Me Mercy (Pastor Will) 111818.mp3 When Pigs Fly Pt2 - Miracles of Healing (Pastor Will) 070818.mp3 The Vow Series Pt4 - Vow of Purity (Pastor Will) 030418.mp3
I Deserve It Pt1 - I Deserve Death but He Gave Me Life (Pastor Will) 110418.mp3 When Pigs Fly Pt1 - Miracles of Deliverance (Pastor Will) 070118.mp3 The Vow Series Pt3 - Vow of Partnership (Pastor Will) 022518.mp3
Freaked or Faithful (Pastor Mary) 102818.mp3 Israel-Music, Messages & Missions (Pastor Will) 062418.mp3 The Vow Series Pt2 - Vow of Pursuit (Pastor Will) 021818.mp3
Relational Vampires Pt4 - Hypocritical People (Pastor Will) 102118.mp3 Hey Dad...Want to be my Father (Pastor Mary) 061718.mp3 The Vow Series Pt1 - Vow of Priority (Pastor Will) 021118.mp3
Relational Vampires Pt3 - Needy People (Pastor Will) 101418.mp3 Life or Death (Pastor Mary) 061018.mp3 Jesus & We Series Pt4 - Anything Short of Sin (Pastor Will) 020418.mp3
Relational Vampires Pt2 - Critical People (Pastor Craig Groeschel)100718.mp3 Your Appointment with Power (Pastor Mary) 060318.mp3 Jesus & We Series Pt3 Irrationally Generous (Pastor Will) 012818.mp3
Relational Vampires Pt 1 - Controlling People (Pastor Will) 093018.mp3 To Hell & Back (Pastor Mary) 052718.mp3 Jesus & We Series Pt2 - Spiritual Contributors (Pastor Will) 011418.mp3
Twisted Pt4 - The Root of All Evil (Pastor Will) 092318.mp3 Prayer Series Pt3 - Praying Like Jesus Prayed (Pastor Will) 052018.mp3 Jesus & We Series Pt1 - Faith Filled, Big Thinking (Pastor Will) 010718 .mp3

2017 Archives:

Dangerous Prayers Pt2 - Break Me (Pastor Will) 091717.mp3 FOCUS - Communication Series Pt1 - (Pastor Will) 050717.mp3
Dangerous Prayers Pt1 - Search Me (Pastor Will)  091017.mp3 Easter Keeps Happening (Pastor Will) 042317.mp3
I Want To Believe, But... Pt.4 Killjoy God (Pastor Will) 090317.mp3 Long Live the King (Pastor Will) 041617.mp3
Get Started (Pastor Will) 123117.mp3 I Want To Believe, But... Pt3 Heartless God  (Pastor Will) 082717.mp3 Palms up or Palms down (Pastor Mary) 040917.mp3
Change of Plans (Pastor Will) 122417.mp3 I Want to Believe, But... Pt.2 - Goosebump God (Pastor Will) 082017.mp3 The Light part2 (Pastor Will) 040217.mp3
Ghosts of Christmas Past Series Pt3 - Labels (Pastor Will) 121717.mp3 I Want to Believe, But... Pt.1 On-Demand God (Pastor Will) 081317.mp3 The Light (Pastor Will) 032617.mp3
Ghosts of Christmas Past Series Pt2 - Shame (Pastor Will)
I Choose Series Pt4  Important Over Urgent (Pastor Will) 080617.mp3 The Ripple Effect part2 (Pastor Will) 031917.mp3
Ghosts of Christmas Past Series Pt1 - Overcoming Offenses (Pastor Will) 120317.mp3 I Choose Series Pt3 Discipline Over Regret (Pastor Will) 073017.mp3 The Ripple Effect part1 (Pastor Will) 031217.mp3
Different Series Pt4 - Different Perspective in Persecution (Pastor Will)  112617.mp3 I Choose Series Pt2 Surrender Over Control (Pastor Will) 072317.mp3 You Made Me pt3 ( William Strotz, III) 030517.mp3
Different Series Pt3 - Different Calling in a Dark World (Pastor Will) 111917.mp3 I Choose Series Pt1 Purpose over Popularity (Pastor Will)  071617.mp3 You Made Me pt2 (William Strotz, III) 022617.mp3
Different Series Pt2 - Different Values in an Unholy Culture (Pastor Will)  111217.mp3 Vending Machine Relationships Pt3 My Church (Pastor Will) 070917.mp3 You Made Me pt1 (William Strotz, III) 021917.mp3
Different Series Pt1 - Different Faith in Trials (Pastor Will) 110517.mp3 Vending Machine Relationships pt2  My Neighbor (Pastor Will) 070217.mp3 Love is Gross (William Strotz, III)  021217.mp3
Overcomer Series Pt-4 Overcoming the Face of Fear (Pastor Will)  102917.mp3 Vending Machine Relationships pt1 God (Pastor Will) 062517.mp3 No I in Team (William Strotz, III) 020517.mp3
Overcomer Series Pt3-Overcoming the Lies of Labels (Pastor Will) 102217.mp3 Father Knows Best (Pastor Will) 061817.mp3 Change (William Strotz, III) 012917.mp3
Overcomer Series Pt2 - Overcoming the Comfort of Apathy (Pastor Will) 101517.mp3 Be Filled With The Spirit (Pastor Mary) 060417.mp3 Hope (William Strotz, III) 012217.mp3
Edge of Eternity (Pastor Will) 100817.mp3 A Servant's Heart (Pastor Mary) 052817.mp3 Now is the Time (William Strotz, III) 011517.mp3
Overcomer Series Pt1 Overcoming the Curse of Comparing (Pastor Will) 100117.mp3 SPEAK - Communication Series Pt3 - (Pastor Will) 052117.mp3 Unending Faithfulness (William Strotz, III) 010817.mp3
Dangerous Prayers Pt3 - Send Me (Pastor Will) 092417.mp3 LISTEN - Communication Series Pt2 -  (Pastor Will) 051417.mp3 Joy Without Strings (William Strotz, III) 010117.mp3

2016 Archives:

  Concerning the Demonic (William Strotz, III)  103016.mp3 Urgency (William Strotz, III)  061216.mp3
  Offended (William Strotz, III) 102316.mp3 Running From God (William Strotz, III) 060516.mp3
Lord Teach Us How To Pray (Chris Smith)101616.mp3 Unite Ignite Fight (William Strotz, III) 052916.mp3
. Prepare (Pastor William Strotz, III) 100916.mp3 Meeting With a Witch (William Strotz, III) 052316.mp3
Choices (William Strotz, III) 100216.mp3 The Call (William Strotz, III) 051516.mp3
  Persevere (William Strotz, III) 092516.mp3 I'm not Perfect (William Strotz, III) 050816.mp3
  Distraction & Purpose (William Strotz,III) 091916 J.O.Y. (William Strotz, III) 050116.mp3
  Well Well Well (Pastor Mary McKenry) 091116.mp3 Finding God in the Wilderness (William Strotz III)  042416.mp3
  Restoration (William Strotz, III) 090416.mp3 Live With Abandon (William Strotz, III) 041216.mp3
  Is God Fair (Pastor Joe Wood) 082116.mp3 The Power of Prayer (William Strotz, III) 040316.mp3
  Commitment to Love (William Strotz, III) 081416.mp3 The Day Death Died (William Strotz, III) 032716.mp3
Rain or Shine (William Strotz, III) 080716.mp3 The Road to Death (Pastor Mary McKenry) 032016.mp3
Long-Term Gentleness & Self Control (Will Strotz, III) 121116.mp3 Backbone Like a Crowbar (Pastor Mary McKenry)  073116.mp3 The Wages of Sin (William Strotz, III) 031316.mp3
Life Changing Kindness & Goodness (W. Strotz, III) 120416.mp3 Lets Build a Kingdom (Pastor Will) 072416.mp3 What is God's Will for Me?(William Strotz, III) 030616.mp3
Wavering Patience (William Strotz, III) 112716.mp3 Lets Build a Church 071716.mp3 The Eye of the Storm (William Strotz, III) 022816.mp3
Genuine Thankfulness (William Strotz, III) 112016.mp3 Concerning the Future of Idledale CC 071016.mp3 The Ripple Effect (William Strotz, III) 022116.mp3
Peace Beyond Understanding (William Strotz, III) 111316.mp3 Unbroken (William Strotz, III) 070316.mp3 The Heart of the Issue (William Strotz, III) 021416.mp3
Out of this world Love (William Strotz III) 110616.mp3 I Am (Pastor Mary McKenry) 062616.mp3 Warship = Warfare 012416.mp3

2015 Archives:

  Breakthrough (William Strotz, III) 091315.mp3 apPARENTly (William Strotz, III) 051015.mp3
  Water (William Strotz, III) 090615.mp3 FIRE! (Pastor Mary) 050315.mp3
  Fire (William Strotz, III) 083115.mp3 Fight! (William Strotz, III) 042615.mp3
  Facing The Storm (William Strotz, III) 082315.mp3 Faith in God Not in Faith (William Strotz, III) 041915.mp3
  Sweating Blood (William Strotz, III) 081615.mp3 Alive - In Power 041215.mp3 (Pastor Jack's Last Sermon)
  Out With The Old In With The New (William Strotz, III) 080915.mp3 About Obedience 032915.mp3
Season of Change (William Strotz III) 120615.mp3 Trust (William Strotz, III) 080215.mp3 God's Plan is Good 032215.mp3
Provide & Conquer (William Strotz, III) 112915.mp3 The Name (William Strotz, III) 072615.mp3 Faith Hope and Love 031515.mp3
A Thank You to the Lord (William Strotz, III) 112215.mp3 Unshakable Faith (William Strotz, III) 071915.mp3 Rubber Meets the Road - Love 030815.mp3
The 10th Coin (William Strotz, III) 111515.mp3 No Fear Here (William Strotz, III) 071215.mp3 Illustrating The Love Walk 030115.mp3
God Doesnt Fail (William Strotz, III) 110815.mp3 Radical (William Strotz, III)  070515.mp3 No Service February 22, 2015 - Snow Closure
70 x 7 (William Strotz, III)110115.mp3 How Dare You (William Strotz, III)  062815.mp3 The Command of Love 021515.mp3
Unity (William Strotz III) 102515.mp3 The Father's Day (William Strotz, III) 062115.mp3 Proof & Encounters with God (William Strotz, III) 020815.mp3
A Peace of His Mind (William Strotz, III) 101815.mp3 Image of the Invisible (William Strotz, III) 061415.mp3 God's Kind of Love 020115.mp3
Evidence of Things not Seen (William Strotz, III) 101115.mp3 Patience (William Strotz, III) 060715.mp3 Faith Works by Love 012515.mp3
Silence Speaks Louder Than Words (William Strotz, III) 100415.mp3 Whale of a Tale (Pastor Mary) 053115.mp3 Make The Connection 011815.mp3
The Real Blessing (Ivonne Pellegrini) 092715.mp3 United We Stand (William Strotz, III) 052415.mp3 Going On From Here 011115.mp3
Love Without Limits (William Strotz, III) 092015.mp3 Living In Pain? (Ivonne Pellegrini) 051715.mp3 In With The New 010415.mp3

2014 Archives:

  The Battle with Praise ( Pastor Mary) 090714.mp3 Just Be Radical 050414.mp3
  Get Your Rest 083114.mp3 God's Got An Army 042714.mp3
  Immerse 082414.mp3 It's Resurrection Day 042014.mp3
Out With The Old 122814.mp3 God Will Get It To You 081714.mp3 Palm Sunday 2014 041314.mp3
Peace 122114.mp3 Get Wisdom 081014.mp3 Remember 040614.mp3
Great Joy 121414.mp3 Jesus Destroyed the Note 080314.mp3 Move It 033014.mp3
Faith And Hope 120714.mp3 Have a Problem 072714.mp3 Our Source 032314.mp3
Keep It Going 113014.mp3 What Do You See 072014.mp3 Best Foot Forward 031614.mp3
Oh Give Thanks 112314.mp3 Coexist or Compromise (William Strotz III) 071314.mp3 The Greatest is Love 030914.mp3
Brrrr! - Cold!! 111614.mp3 Settle It At The Table 070614.mp3 Simply Put - Love 030214.mp3
The Word is SERVE 110914.mp3 Power Tools 062914.mp3 Perfecting the love walk 022314.mp3
Receive the Invitations 110214.mp3 Take Care of the Bullies 062214.mp3 Making the Love Walk 021614.mp3
Step Up or Step Out 102614.mp3 The 'Daddy Man'-ual (Pastor Mary) 061514.mp3 The Supreme Law / Love 020914.mp3
Hang In There 101914.mp3 We Can Change...Our Mind 060814.mp3 God's Love Reminder 020214.mp3
Being Positive in a Negative World 101214.mp3 Count It All What 060114.mp3 Gifts of the Holy Spirit 012614.mp3
The Right Perspective 092814.mp3 The Glory of God 052514.mp3 Within 011914.mp3
Simplify Your Life 092114.mp3 Fully Persuaded (Pastor Mary McKenry) 051814.mp3 TARRY??? 011214.mp3
Be Aggressive 091414.mp3 What are you Overcome with (Ivonne Pellegrini) 051114.mp3 Close or Open 010514.mp3


2013 Archives:

  To Be or Not to Be That is the Question (Pastor Mary) 092913.mp3 Our Expectation 051913.mp3
  Confidence In Him 092213.mp3 Mother (Pastor Mary) 051213.mp3
  Like a Flood 091513.mp3 Remember His Words 050513.mp3
  Off or On 090813.mp3 Are We Hearing 042813.mp3
  media/Jesus On Labor 090113.mp3 Let The Word  042113.mp3
Thirsty 122913.mp3 The Great Commission 082513 One Accord 041413.mp3
Source of Power 122213.mp3 God's Goodness 081813.mp3 Light Up My Life 040713.mp3
Heat Wave 121513.mp3 God's Best 081113.mp3 Easter Sunday Message (Pastor Mary) 033113.mp3
Cold or Hot 120813.mp3 I've Fallen and I CAN Get Up.mp3 Jesus Enters - Things Change 032413.mp3
Leftovers 120113.mp3 Be Not Dismayed 072813.mp3 Get It In Order 031713.mp3
It Came to Pass 112413.mp3 Dare To Trust God (Pastor Mary)  072113.mp3 The Buck Stops Here 031013.mp3
Says Who 111713.mp3 Believing God 071413.mp3 Redeeming Love (Pastor Mary) 021713.mp3
In God We Trust 111013.mp3 We Hold These Truths 070713.mp3 God Says... Be Mine 021013.mp3
Strong In The Lord 110313.mp3 Liberty 063013.mp3 Super Son-Day 020313.mp3
No Blahs - Just Hoorahs 102713.mp3 God Our Father 061613.mp3 I Got It 012713.mp3
What Counts 102013.mp3 Bless The Lord 060913.mp3 2013 - To Abide in the King  012013.mp3
Coping is not Controlling 101313.mp3 Communion with Him 060213.mp3 Willing to take Hold 011313.mp3
D.I.S. COURAGE 100613.mp3 Commitment 052613.mp3 2013 - God's Blessing is Seen 010613.mp3

2012 Archives:

  Gods Power in Me 092312.mp3 Time of Communion 050612.mp3
  Seeing What's not Seen 090912.mp3 Keep It Going 042912.mp3
  Not In Vain 090212.mp3 Internal Resurrection Supply 042212.mp3
  Gone Soft 082612.mp3 Use The Power 041512.mp3
  Living Water 081912.mp3 Happy Easter 2012 040812.mp3
  Say Hello to Good Days 081212.mp3 His Entry 040112.mp3
Time for Closing 123012.mp3 Say Goodbye to Bad Days 080512.mp3 Be Rooted 032512.mp3
Peace 122312.mp3 It is Done 072912.mp3 S.H.I.F.T. 031812.mp3
Great Joy 121612.mp3 The Word is Fight 072212.mp3 Its not what it looks like 031112.mp3
Faith and Hope 120912.mp3 Resource 071512.mp3 Take God's Plan 030412.mp3
Don't Let It Be Over 112512.mp3 Free For All 070812.mp3 Hold On 021912.mp3
Serving In God's Army 111112.mp3 Faith's Key 070112.mp3 Our Valentine To God 021212.mp3
What'd  I Just Say (Pastor Mary) 110412.mp3 Perfecting The Love Walk 061712.mp3 To Start the Day 020512.mp3
Trust...A Must 102812.mp3 Can Do / Love Walk 061012.mp3 Adversity 012912.mp3
Penny for your Thoughts 102112.mp3 Gods Love Table 060212.mp3 Interruptions 012212.mp3
What's On Your Mind 101412.mp3 Partakers of the Inheritance 052712.mp3 Transformed (Pastor Mary) 011512.mp3
Our Outlook 100712.mp3 God Our I Am 052012.mp3 Going to Delve in 2012 010812.mp3
Know The Power 093012.mp3 To Honor Our Mothers 051312.mp3 Number One 010112.mp3


2011 Archives:

  Time Out 092511.mp3 "Our" Mission Trip (Gregg Bramblett) 051311.mp3
  Our Source 091811.mp3 A Virtuous Woman 050811.mp3
  REST 091111.mp3 He Did / We Do 050111.mp3
  LABOR 090411.mp3 Easter Service 2011 042411.mp3
  Adverse Conditions 082811.mp3 Kimberly's Celebration of Life Service 042311.mp3
  Delight Thy Self Also 082111.mp3 Just For You 040311.mp3
Happy Birthday Jesus 122511.mp3 Mix It Up 081411.mp3 The Coach 032711.mp3
Peace 121811.mp3 Being Positive 080711.mp3 Purpose or Pleasure? (Pastor Mary)  032011.mp3
Great Joy 121111.mp3 Healthy Attitude 073111.mp3 That Which Counts 031311.mp3
Faith & Hope 120411.mp3 Heat Wave 072411.mp3 Perfect Love 030611.mp3
filled & full 112711.mp3 STAY FOCUSED 071711.mp3 All Aboard 022811.mp3
To Serve 111311.mp3 Set Now Go 071011.mp3 Stop, Look and Listen 022011.mp3
Set Back 110611.mp3 SET AT LIBERTY 070311.mp3 To Enter 021311.mp3
Ready For Cold 103011.mp3 Discouraged 062611.mp3 Body Builders 013011.mp3
Shake It Up! 102411.mp3 Our Fathers World 061911.mp3 Bring Out The Best 012311.mp3
Confident? 101611.mp3 Be Renewed 061211.mp3 Above and Beyond 011611.mp3
GAP 100911.mp3 Be Refreshed 060511.mp3 To Get or Sit? 010911.mp3
Time In 100211.mp3 I Shall Not Be Moved 052211.mp3 To Spring Forth 010211.mp3


2010 Archives:

A Time To Close 122610.mp3 Not In Vain 090510.mp3 Seeking and Speaking 042510.mp3
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 122410.mp3 Hold Your Ground 082910.mp3 Be Bold - Grab Hold 041810.mp3
Love Creates Peace 121910.mp3 Cause Me To Know 082210.mp3 Know The Power 041110.mp3
Love Produces Joy 121210.mp3 Delight 080810.mp3 Hey! It's Empty! 040410.mp3
Faith, Hope and Love 120510.mp3 Don't Whine, Come Dine 080110.mp3 Triumphant Entry 032810.mp3
The Nitty-Gritty of Love 112810.mp3 Can Do! 072510.mp3 Longer & Stronger 032110.mp3
Perfecting Our Love Walk 112110.mp3 Be a 'Do It!' 071810.mp3 Above and Beyond 031410.mp3
The Love Walk 111410.mp3 To Be!  071110.mp3 It's High Time 030710.mp3
Love  / Serve 110710.mp3 Free Indeed 070410.mp3 It's Time 022810.mp3
The Law of Love 103110.mp3 God, Our Source 062710.mp3 Be Fine 022110.mp3
The God Kind of Love 102410.mp3 God Our Father 062010.mp3 Be Mine 021410.mp3
Faith Works by Love 101710.mp3 We Are Doing 061310.mp3 Fed or Fed Up 020710.mp3
Gain & Reign 101010.mp3 Covenant Rider 060610.mp3 Upset or Set up 013110.mp3
Draw Near To Hear 100310.mp3 Are We Doing Exceeding Abundantly 052310.mp3 2010 - Stronger In Him 012410.mp3
Raised and Made! 092610.mp3 [How] Are You Doing 051610.mp3 Power To Win in 2010 011710.mp3
Bear It! 091910.mp3 A Mother's Faith 050910.mp3 2010 - Begin 011010.mp3
Rest! 091210.mp3 Time Of Communion 050210.mp3 "20 / 10" 010310.mp3

2009 Archives:

  We Hold The Key 091309.mp3 The Great I Am 042609.mp3
  Labor Not In Vain 090609.mp3 IRS 041909.mp3
  Adversity 101308.mp3 Easter 2009 041209.mp3
Glory To God 122709.mp3 Trust A Must 082309.mp3 Palm Sunday 2009 040509.mp3
Peace 122109.mp3 Time of Renewing 080909.mp3 Fight A Good Fight 033009.mp3
Great Joy 121309.mp3 Time of Refreshing 080209.mp3 Returning 032209.mp3
Faith and Hope 120609.mp3 Delight Thyself 072609.mp3 Too Good To Be True (Pastor Mary) 031509.mp3
The Promise 112909.mp3 I Wish I May 071909.mp3 What Time Is It 030809.mp3
Give Thanks 112209.mp3 It's Fight, Not Flight! 071209.mp3 Time Out 030109.mp3
Preserve  111509.mp3 In Liberty 070509.mp3 In The World 022209.mp3
To Serve 110809.mp3 Our Father's Way 062809.mp3 Be Mine 021509.mp3
Wash Seven Times 110109.mp3 Get Planted 061409.mp3 The Word To Shine In 2009 020809.mp3
Get In The Shower 102509.mp3 What To Do 060709.mp3 Make Time in 2009 020109.mp3
The Blessing Is Here 101109.mp3 Our Destiny 052409.mp3 Begin The Climb - Renew Your Mind 012509.mp3
Communion and the Blessing 100409.mp3 In Righteousness 051709.mp3 Going to Climb in 2009 011809.mp3
Its Yours - The Blessing 092709.mp3 Honor Thy Mother 051009.mp3 Going to be Fine in 2009 011109.mp3
We Hold The Truth 092009.mp3 A Prepared Table 050309.mp3 God's Glory To Shine In 2009 010409.mp3


2008-2007 Archives:

  Come Unto Me 090708.mp3 I Am That I Am 041608.mp3
  Labor Not 083108.mp3 In Remembrance 040608.mp3
  Showers of Blessing 081708.mp3 Release The Power 033008.mp3
**Pastor Jack Interview on KPOF AM91 081808.mp3 Confidence 080608.mp3 Resurrection Power 032308.mp3
The End Is Near 122808.mp3 PowerAde 072708.mp3 Triumphant Entry 031608.mp3
Giving 122108.mp3 Stay Focused 072008.mp3 Indwelling Power 030908.mp3
Preparation 120708.mp3 We Hold These Truths 071308.mp3 Be A Doer 022408.mp3
Filled And Full 113008.mp3 Land of the Free 070608.mp3 How to be Tough 021708.mp3
Give Thanks 112308.mp3 Land of Not Yet 062908.mp3 Things Rough? Get Tough 021008.mp3
Get On Board 111608.mp3 We Are Qualified 062208.mp3 Redeemed 012708.mp3 (Kimberly's Healing Sermon)
Serve 110908.mp3 My Father's World 061508.mp3 *Getting Ready For Christmas 120207.mp3 (Kimberly's healing testimony)
Have Life 102608.mp3 This Is The Day 060108.mp3 It's The Power Of Love 081207.mp3  (Kimberly's Sermon Pt.2)
Our Source 101908.mp3 Remember And Forget Not! 052508.mp3 Liberty 070107.mp3
Adversity 101308.mp3 Renewing Our Mind 051808.mp3 You've Got The Power 042907 (Kimberly's Sermon Pt.1)
A Table Prepared 100508.mp3 Enter In 050408.mp3 Releasing The Power 031107.mp3 (Pastor Jack's healing testimony)
Seeking, Speaking Believer 092808.mp3 Raised And Made 042708.mp3 Power Of The Word 022507.mp3  (Kimberly's healing confession)
Take Action 092108.mp3 Hang In There 042008.mp3 From Cold to Bold 012807.mp3  (Pastor Jack's healing confession)

* "Christmas with a capital C" credited to Christian Artists "Go Fish"
from their album "Snow".  You can purchase their CD at your local Christian bookstore.